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The Banding of the 2009 Falcons (posted on June 24, 2009)
On Wednesday, May 20, 2009 wildlife biologist Chris Nadareski banded the 2 male and 2 female fledglings from the peregrine falcon nest site at 55 Water Street. The 2 male fledglings were named as follows by the children of the Vigiano brothers, one a police officer and one a fireman who were killed when they responded to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

First Male Fledgling - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band on the right leg #816-98899 and auxiliary band on the left leg 41 over W (Black over Green) was named “Levi” after Cpl. Chris Levi, a triple amputee Iraqi war veteran from Long Island.
Second Male Fledgling - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band on the right leg #816-98900 and auxiliary band on the left leg 42 over W (Black over Green) was named “Volari”, Italian for flying.

The 2 females and the new adult male were named by Mrs. Scanio’s 3rd grade class at the Unqua Elementary School in the Massapequa Long Island school district.

Adult Male – auxiliary band on left leg 8 over X (Black over Green) was named Rocky, after the school’s mascot.
First Female Fledging – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band on the right leg #1687-01314 and auxiliary band on the left leg 84 over V (Black over Green) was named “Charlotte” after the student’s favorite character in “Charlotte’s Web”.
Second Female Fledgling – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band on the right leg #1687-01315and auxiliary band on the left leg 85 over V (Black over Green) was named “Faith” as these children have faith in themselves that they can do anything.
Falcon's first flight - 6/10/09 (posted on June 11, 2009)
On Wednesday June 10th one of our fledgling falcons failed his first flight test, crash landing on the north side of the building and settling on the North Old Slip sidewalk of the Police Museum. After capturing the raptor we conferred with NYC DEP bioligist Chris Nadareski (who bands the new hatchlings every year) and he advised us to take it to the Animal Medical Center on East 62nd Street. Our friend was transported by NWSC Building Office Manger Cynthia DeJesus and NWSC Security Director Eric Seitz. The falcon was ex-rayed for damage and is being held to check on his overall condition and evaluation of the x-rays. If it clears 'flight status' it will return to the building, if it requires healing and rehab it will go to a New Jersey raptor center for convalescence.
Thanks to all who brought this unfortunate incident to our attention (including Mike Worthington of Emblem Health, and our neighbors at 77 Water Street, and to the two gentlemen from GFI who came down with contact information for animal medical treatment specialists.
Mat 4,2009 (posted on May 04, 2009)
Great news!!! As you can see our expected eyases have arrived. Eyases are nestling or young falcons. The first eyas arrived Tuesday, the second one Wednesday night, the third one arrived yesterday morning, and the fourth this morning. As you can see, they are doing well. Stay tuned to watch our new additions grow to be beautiful falcons. We will keep you posted as to when they will be ready to be banded by the DEP.
04-03-09 (posted on April 03, 2009)
Great news!!! As expected our beautiful falcon has laid her fourth egg. Stay tuned for the hatching of our baby falcons on our website.
03/26/09 (posted on March 26, 2009)
Great news the web cam is up and running for the 2009 season. For those of you that have been watching these beautiful birds, you already know there are three eggs. The first egg was laid on Sunday, the second on Tuesday and the third this morning. We are hoping for a fourth egg by Saturday.
There has also been sighting of a second adult male. D.E.P. is attempting to identify him. Once we receive confirmation on his identity we will let everyone know.
The BirdCam is Back! (posted on March 21, 2009)
Be sure to tune in for this year's adventures! smile
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